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10 Best Brokers in the World

For those who play Forex, the few who do not know Forex Broker is the intermediary. The connection between trading broker and forex trader. It is reliable Traders will not be able to contact Forex directly. It is necessary to rely on brokers or market brokers to trade stocks for each trading session. If a trader wants to trade on his own, he or she must register with a forex broker to do so.

In terms of investment. How will investors choose? Any broker should be discretionary. Considering the expertise of a reputable brokers or agents to operate on their behalf. In order to maintain the maximum benefit of investors,


In addition to the credibility of the investor confidence has long been. Today, FREX ranked the 10 best brokers in the world, judging from the overall rating of each broker. Based on the best features in all aspects, such as customer support. Customer service, problem solving, and assistance in answering various brokerage questions, as well as prominence that can benefit traders in real trading situations. The award is guaranteed. reliability To investors, stock traders or those who are interested about. For example, Brooks has studied the characteristics of brokers.


No. 1  the XM    

With the prominent XM brokers with a network of 170 countries around the world. It has been developed in many areas for good service simultaneously, such as promotion of a variety. To attract new and old investors as well as stocks with high stability. There is an inexpensive charge. Thai port to support live chat in the Thai language, which is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm every day, resulting in XM become a broker with a good development continuously. XM also has a promotion incentive stock traders. With a $ 30 free trade when opening an account for the first time. Can withdraw unlimited profits. This is another part that makes this brochure very popular. Staff are also friendly. Customer Care As a result, the broker became a popular stock and investors quickly.



Forex brokers are Australia’s most prominent. Very cheap And with the flexibility to use the service coupled with a very good performance. This makes the broker up to No. 2 undoubtedly. In addition, one more advantage is. Graph with errors Or very low volatility. As a result, people who are interested in trading can make quick trading decisions with VPS services directly linked to the FOREX market. And one of the highlights of XM is that it has a convenient English port for the three line channels. It is considered as the highlight of the service that makes PEPPERSTONE second in the current.


No. 3 FBS 

FBS brokers are more attractive with quality awards. And a lot of recognition around the world. With mobility. And very low spreads. In addition, the system is stable with low volatility. A system that supports online banking transactions. The broker is very convenient to use and most importantly, it can be deposited in Thai currency and trade in Thai currency. And one more notable is that the first two are. Supported port in Thai It has offices in Thailand that will provide consulting services. And solve the problem 24 hours a day, making it very pleasant to Thai investors.


No. 4 EXNESS  

EXNESS brokers focus on the definition of simplicity. It is a position of service that brings investors to be considered as the best broker in Asia. There are several prizes to be won. With the easy deposit. There are a variety of free and fee-based channels that make EXNESS a popular broker in Thailand.


No. 5 FXCL

FXCL is a broker for Thai people. Highlight the full support of Thai people with chat port in Thai. The system works to provide efficient employee services. Convenient deposit system. I also focus on retail customers. Can be used as a signature account. The FXCL spread is in the middle to high level, making FXCL top 5 in the rankings.



WELTRADE Brokers are featured in the top security. And can withdraw money quickly in 30 minutes with fast support system Thai language. Problem solved quickly, also withdraw money easily. And no commissions for Thai banks.



HOTFOREX is a leading forex broker. It is considered to be flexible and stable in the middle. One of the things that makes HOTFOREX so reliable. That’s a guaranteed prize and the right spread. Although use in Thailand is a disadvantage is the communication is not easy. The Thai portfolios are not good. Thai people are not popular as it should be. But with outstanding features in other areas. As a result, HOTFOREX shares are ranked as the 7th best in the world.



ROBOFOREX with a low spread and can trade in MT4 along with WebTrader, resulting in the New Zealand broker. Awarded Best Security Broker of the Year. Highly stable And have a very good Thai website. With excellent English support, ROBOFOREX is one of the best brokers in the world.



One of the most prominent brokers in terms of fast trading. The easy-to-use portfolios in Thai language make it easy for FOREX4YOU to stay in 9th position.


Rank 10 OCTAFX

Attractive brokers with high quality services in accordance with international regulations and standards. Can be processed quickly. Having the standard of customer account security makes OCTAFX one of the best brokers in the world for forex brokers.


For investors who are pursuing investment. Or are you interested in investing for the old investor. Forrester is one of the most powerful investment groups that can develop a strong investor base for prospective investors. With tools that are aided in a variety of channels. Effective team Brokers vary in their investment choices. The top 10 brokers in the world are the ones that will help you decide which brokers to invest. efficiently And can make money to investors as intended.

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