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10 Brokers with the highest reliability.

For stock players. Or those who are interested in investing in stocks. Market of foxtons It is one of the most reliable markets in the mind of investors. With limited restrictions. Allows retail investors to make a profit like big and reputable investors. The reliability and reliability for a long time. It is one of the brokers that investors look for. In general, investing in stocks is a very risky investment. And to invest successfully will rely on channels and quality tools. It is effective as a specialist. Or brokers to help with the investment unit. The trust of the broker will take care of investors as well.


Based on the credibility of its long-standing customers, Forex Broker has ranked the trust of brokers in the top 10 networks as a decision for those who are interested. This ranking is based on solving problems for customers. Timely payment to investors. Company Size Including trading volume per month. There will be a list of companies that will be the top 10 most trusted brokers.


No. 1 XM,  the foremost broker of FOREX that stands out in almost every aspect of the service, is to solve the problem in a timely manner. Thai language support service. Have a good history. And reliable with branches covering 170 countries around the world. And the volume of trading volume per month. Various trading instruments As a result, XM dominates the forex market with the highest credit rating.


No. 2 PEPPERSTONE In addition to its state-of-the-art communication facilities, such as 3-line and Thai-language portals, this brochure stands out in terms of problem solving for customers in a timely manner. Including VPS services linked to FASTEX is fast becoming the second most trusted forex broker in the world. In addition, the credibility is guaranteed by Australian citizenship. Highly credible, easy to use, can deposit or withdraw money online instantly worldwide. In Thailand, Paysbuy transactions are free. This is the highlight of this broker.


No. FXCM, another trusted broker in the market, valued at $ 100 million, is guaranteed by FXCM’s launch of digital currency trading. Although there are some disadvantages in the system does not support Thai. And the deposit system is also limited. The Thai people are still not trading. But with a long-standing reputation, it can create credibility and attract investors. Invest in this broker no less. Including the payment system is not timely, so the monthly trading volume of this broker is of interest to investors as well. 


Science No. 4 FX PRD  another broker, one of the most attractive and reliable. With a broker that has been open for a long time. As a result, brokers are more reliable for investors. And one more remarkable feature is the ability to copy trading, that is, it can bring a good trading history to use our trading to continue to profit. Have a fast payout service. And answer questions or solve problems for customers. Although there are disadvantages that the system does not support Thai. And requires a high minimum trades. However, it did not affect the FX PRD’s credibility for investors.


No. 5 HOTFOREX   brokers have a leading edge. It is guaranteed by the award. Bonus and good promotion to customers continuously. In addition, HOTFOREX also has a great reputation internationally. Although there are some disadvantages in the matter. This is why Thai investors are not popular with brokers. But overall, it is considered to be a very reliable one ever.


No. 6 ACFX,   though, is a Cypriot national. But this broker is another one that is very popular with Thais. With outstanding image. respectful Awards Easy to contact customer service via skype that can be contacted 24 hours a day. Free of charge and deposited through Thai bank, ACFX ranked No. 6 with the confidence of other side as well.


No. 7 EXNESS   with the credibility of the rankings as the best broker in Asia for several years in a row. EXNESS has become a reliable broker in Thailand. With the distinction of depositing a variety of channels. Talking through the Thai port, it can solve immediate problems for investors in a timely manner. The transaction can be made via Thai bank. Have to pay on time This has resulted in EXNESS being ranked 7th.


No. 8 FBS     broker a distinct bonus. Good promotion and support online. Thai language, 24-hour service and consultation. In addition, it is a broker with a high stability. Awards are guaranteed. And the service standard. Can deposit and trade Thai money. This is because the Thai office is good for the confidence of Thai investors. If there are problems, they can contact us for help in solving problems immediately. These results. The monthly rate of return has been consistently high and FBS continues to rank among the top 10 most trusted forex brokers in the world.


No. FXCL fxclearing )  is a broker that is very Thai. It is a reliable and reliable source for Thai investors with full Thai portfolios. Convenient deposit system with 30%, 50%, 100% bonus. There are bonus promotions that are in excellent condition. Deposits with no fees in the main channel make FXCL credible in the third place around the world and the Thai people.


No. 10  RoboForex  with awards brokers. Featured in the stable system. Low volatility Support system in both Thai and English. The service is very good. Despite the disadvantages of connecting with Thai banks. But overall, it also makes this broker ranked 10 of the most reliable in the world as well.


Although ranking makes the investment decisions of investors increase. Investors should not forget to consider the suitability and the pros and cons of such investment well before investing. If you are not sure what to invest with brokers. Take into account safety. And reliability is first. Or choose a potential investment supervisor to take care of our behalf. Another option is to invest with Forex because it has less capital. No other fees, no commissions. Or middleman No lot or size of the contract. Low spreads The market is open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. There is also high liquidity. Another reason why most investors are interested in investing in this channel.

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