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Company Profile Exness Company was founded in 2008 to carry out financial product trading. With the development of tools. And the format of Forex trading is simple and everyone can start trading immediately. Exness’s business value has grown from $ 8 billion in 2009 to $ 1440 billion in 2013, and has grown steadily. Exness has also received numerous awards including Forex Expo Awoards, Moscow Forex Expo 2014, which is a guarantee of Exness professionalism. Exness account type
for Exness financial trading accounts is divided into four categories, including Cent account.
For those who want to start to make a profit with Forex, there is a risk of losing a small principal. For Cent accounts, do not set a minimum deposit. Cent accounts have a maximum lag of 1: unlimited and a wide range of prices (spreads) starts at 0.3 and there are no commissions for trading. So you do not fully account Mini (not very popular)
for Forex trading can start by opening a Mini has the advantage of also being able to make more profit than the book Cent Trading Lot. Equal to the same as the Cent account. Maximum Levy 1: Unlimited Spreads starting at 0.3. Classic Account
For professional Forex traders, you can choose to open an account with Classic Exness. Price range (spread) starting at 0.1 and no commissions on trading. This account requires a minimum deposit of $ 2000. Maximum Levy 1: Unlimited ECN
account for the last account. Traders will get a wide range of prices at 0.0 but I quite Caleb leverage up to 1: 200, and a minimum deposit of $ 300 commissions based on the amount (1 million USD): 25 USD demo account
if. You want to learn how each account has a trading system. You can choose to use a demo account. Demo accounts can be opened in 3 accounts: Mini, Classic, ECN.
Note : Unlimited LV It came out around April, 59, and it is something that is very interesting, especially the traders. If anyone has an account, then can set up accounts in the personal space. (The lane will change to 1: 2000 on Friday at 24.00 (GMT) and will have additional margins. This rule applies to both new and open transactions.

Exness bonuses
for Exness have a bonus for those who open multiple trading accounts. Circulation in each cycle.The bonuses that are currently open include:

Fibonacc i program bonus
Get up to 55% bonus on deposit and trades by participating accounts. Mini account (subject to change)

Gold Program Bonus
For traders who deposit into a Mini account of $ 1000 or more, get a bonus of up to 8 grams of gold. Participating accounts are Mini accounts (subject to change).

Current (Apr. 61). But competition 2018 World Cup Winners to receive prizes and bonuses.

Trading specifications
at Exness use Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 for trading. It also supports the trading platform through all communication channels such as PCs, notebooks, and mobile phones in smartphones.

Deposit and withdrawal
You can choose to deposit and withdraw money from your credit card. Bank of Thailand Online It also includes 7-Eleven payments, which is very convenient for Forex traders in Thailand.

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