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EXNESS Rating 3 / 8.5

EXNESS is a good quality brokers. With a very fast deposit. Quickly Deposit channels are also withdrawn. It has been a Thai people ever. If there is a problem, contact sub-port. This will fix the problem right away. The port system is really good.

Low spreads (at normal time). No Query Command There are some strong graphs. Mostly every broker.

EXNESS is a highly active broker. Always change yourself. It has won many awards every year and has continued to grow at a high rate. Do not worry about the security of the company.

EXNESS The disadvantage of seeing people complaining about it, including me, is that the time is hard news, heavy graphs, trading is open, difficult orders (as some servers), should set TP SL every time in the open. Durban The other disadvantage is that the bonus is not useful at all, it is not used to add a little margin.

In conclusion, brokers are in excellent position to use the spread. There are a few free haulers. Free transfer fee Very economical If we transfer to the web trading it here $ 1000 transfer out $ 1000, then it has to lose $ 16 (500 baht), but with exness not to lose the transfer transfer out.

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