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How do forex trading get rich and be real?

I believe that throughout the years I have practiced trading for many years. The question to myself. “How do I trade forex to get rich?” Is a question that arises in my mind all the time.

And many times during the start of the forex market, I wanted to walk away from all this. Because in the first few months. I can not make profit from forex, I also have to go out with the capital. But really If we know the principles below. And practice seriously, forex trading is rich. I can not afford to buy a jet to drive. But sure enough to live it.

1. The key is “discipline”

Simple to mention. But it is difficult to do. What if you open the Sell Sell and candlestick chart? The red bars to profitability. What do you think of the sale? Let Profit run. I believe that most of what I was born 80 percent to bounce off the green stick. And you lose that discipline is important. The point must be closed. Act like a robot just finished! rich! This is one of the reasons EA has to rely on EA because it operates on a system that is always 100% disciplined. But the disadvantage is that the decision is not flexible in the situation. I do not like EA trading.

2. How do you design money management ?

If you have never heard of MM before and wondered how forex trading is a lie. I say that you have missed because forex trader does not make profit 100% -1000% per day, but he makes a profit 3-5% per day. and you How much is higher% per day, that is, Risk you rise to. Finally, very much of the trader’s profit. Ended with a clear port.

3. Buy some tools.

Doing forex trading is a dare to buy some indicators that can help you make your decision more sharp. And do not wait. Do not let people buy a lot. Buy before use Advantage And rich first.

4. Can listen to the same story from new people.

You do not like to read or listen to the same old people. If so then I would say that forex trading is so hard for you. But if you always make half a glass of water. Rich opportunities will soon become yours. Maybe it’s the same thing that is more profound. It will make you big profits.

5. Recorded results on paper.

Remember to take note of all your profits and mistakes on paper. It can help you to make a quick and sustainable profit.  It may not make you money immediately. But I can see the error is good. Editing is obvious. Of course, in the long run, you will understand the way the market is profound. As such, sustainable profitability will come to you.

I use this method to make a profit. and you Is there any technique to make a profit in the forex market like or different from me? Let’s see what I think is quite important. And if you are failing from trading and thinking that forex trading is a rich lie, then try to compare the 5 above and see which of the ones you lack. Fill it up and get rich!

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