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Point of error in forex trading for beginners.

Forex trading is not about risk taking. But the principle of profitability. And a group that can make you survive in the market. You can also earn money from forex trading. But ash, if you are a beginner for forex trading, then what follows is a common mistake. And it may be in you. What do you see? So that you can find a way to prevent it.

1. Not accurate in using the program.

First, ask the author to ask you. You have the expertise to use the program. How much do you trade? Program like MT4 or MT5 because of the inaccuracy. For example, not knowing a Pending Order or Instant Order, these are very important for opening or closing important orders, so you can not make a profit.

2. Do not specialize in Indicator.

Usually, you have to make a decision on how to play with the graph, such as trending. Or play a trendy garden. This is so The wrong play will not make you profit from the market itself. And that is the most important thing.

3. Addictive trades that are profitable from the first mistake.

Of course, your first trade. Incident in profitability. You do not need a formula. Or any technique in trading. If such an event occurs in such manner. This will cause you to become addicted to the wrong trading. And finally, you can not make a profit. This is a very important thing.

4. Let greed take over.

You may think that greed does not exist in the forex trading market, but actually. It’s in the line. And when you start trading forex and start to lose a lot of money. Greed will begin to dominate. It is very effective, it makes your play process is wrong.

5. Think psychology does not affect stock play.

The word play psychology. Or used to trade forex is a matter of ability to bear. But force Selling if you find sales force. Or because of the swing of the stock price or the true price. So if anyone does not follow their discipline then. In the end, it will be a mistake and that is not a good result.

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