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Psychological Approaches

The third is a psychological way, which affects 60% of forex trading. Is to play with the emotions in our minds. It consists of emotional, greedy, angry and obsessed.


These three emotions have a direct effect on forex trading and the downside of it is that. It has a negative effect. So then What should we do? Should not this be a good thing for us?


The answer is to practice trades in a way that is unmanageable. Or not to use it as part of the process itself. You do not have to take any emotions into the forex trading process in your order. Please repeat that! Not so It will certainly be a problem.


Sometimes the best solution. If you find that you can not separate from the emotion of the frustration. That is the choice EA or Expert Adviser to help. This is likely to be better in terms of forex trading and opening. We have to profit.


If you do not like to use EA and want to trade manually. The following tips may help you make it easier to control factor 5.3.


1. Open the order when the conditions of the forex trading are based on factors only.

2. Close order When entering the forex trading conditions, we have to close the order only.

3. Stop trading immediately! If your forex trading result exceeds 5 consecutive eyes

  1. Stop trading for at least 48 hours before returning to the market.
  2. If you feel angry Stop immediately! Do not wait for it to grow into a horrible monster.
  3. Having a buddy pair to help you trade. It will reduce the problem of trading psychology down to a lot.

7. Trading at night around 19.30-22.00 is the best time. And the most profitable in my mind.


The 7 is a way to come from my experience. And I think that if you try to apply these to your forex trading, it will allow you to trade and make more profit.



5.1 Choosing the Right Indicator

5.2 Choosing the Right Money Management

5.3 Having good psychology


Is the most important heart of investing in the forex market.

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