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The forex market is easy to play with the same tools as the Thai stock market.

Now look at how to see the Thai people play together. Especially the new ones that want to make a leap to play all shares. And one that may not yet be known. And how popular is it among the Thai people is playing forex stocks, which today we are going to expand more about forex stocks as well as how to play forex stocks with offline.

1. Forex is like Thai stocks.

The first thing to understand is that forex stocks are like Thai stocks. Introduction But if it is a Thai stock. It will be in the form of a company such as ptt or true or jas etc. But for forex stocks, it is a matter of money matching and then trading. It is the exchange rate of a particular currency pair instead. But when converted to a graph, it’s the same.

2. Openings are like Thai stocks.

The opening of the port is similar to the Thai stock. Only if the opening of the port may require lower capital to open. Unlike Thai stocks that may need to open up relatively high port. The stock market is now open for only a few hundred dollars.

3. Using tools with forex stocks is the same.

Who plays the technical line. I like to play forex trading because it is the same trading. And use the same metric tools such as macd rsi, etc. If you are familiar with these tools already, it is very advantageous to play the stock forex.

4. The basic profit method is not different.

For the part of profitability. I have to say that forex stocks do not make a difference from their normal stocks. But there are different points. That may be the advantage. We can profit both up and down. It is very important. If it looks like it is more like playing a tfex.

5. Revenue you have to panic.

One thing many people who play forex stocks are shocked. If you are confident and open up a lot of revenue, then the revenue can be hundreds of minutes in just a few minutes and maybe more. But in the same way, the loss is the same.

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