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What is a call margin? What is port clearing? What Traders Do not Want to Meet

Successful traders in the Forex market may be familiar with Margin call and clear port. Because before that successful traders will come to this day. Margin call or clear the port ten times around. But these are expensive lessons for trader to adjust strategies to survive. Like a warrior, it is with the wound. But some of the most inexperienced traders. Margin call and clear port, so this article will learn about the terminology Margin call and clear what is why most novice traders do not like the Margin call and clear the port.

What is a call margin?

Margin call is the order that you open it has a negative. For example, if your investment portfolio is $ 500, open a 1Lot order, and the movement of the 1pip price will be $ 10. This is a loss or a negative $ 490 if the price has moved the way to 1pip to make it. Closes all orders you hold, whether orders are negative or positive. They will automatically close those orders.

Many people may wonder why a positive order has to be closed. Margin call is due to the loss of investment portfolio. Assuming a $ 500 USD loss to $ 490, this loss may come from a $ 1,000 profit order, but with a loss of $ 1,490. If the loss is 1pip, the system will automatically close the order and the profit and loss orders.

What is port clearing?

Clear the port is that the account is Margin call. If the explanation is simple to clear the port is to get a Margin call, or to ruin it. The investment portfolio is clean, almost no money left in the account or if it would be a little more. Many people call these events “clear the port”


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