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What is Forex Trading? The main money in the Forex market and the popular money pairs.

Forex market is the international currency market. Traders are profitable with currency speculation. For example, I bring $ 30 million in Thai currency to the US dollar for $ 1 million. At that time, the exchange rate was $ 1, $ 30. So far, I have brought the money back. Now, the exchange rate is $ 1, $ 35, $ ​​1 million. I have paid 35 million baht from 30 million baht to see that a profit of 5 million

What are the major currencies used in the Forex market?

Top 10 currencies in the Forex market

  1. USD (US $)
  2. EUR (Euro)
  3. JPY (Japanese Yen)
  4. GBP (GBP)
  5. AUD (Australian Dollar)
  6. CHF (สวิสฟรงค์)
  7. CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  8.  MXN (Mexico Peso)
  9. CNY (หยวนจีน)
  10. NZD (New Zealand Dollar)

Among these top 10 currencies, JPY (Japanese Yen) is the most growing currency, with a jump in growth to third place, which is more popular than the GBP (GBP). more

But in the Forex market will have to trade in a pair of money. To make a comparison, this currency will increase or decrease compared to another currency. The above example is about the Thai baht to exchange dollars in the United States. The currency pair that is popular in Forex trading is:

  1. EUR/USD
  2. USD/JPY
  3. GBP/USD
  4. USD/CHF
  5. USD/CAD
  6. AUD/USD
  7. NZD/USD
  8. And now the force is BTC / USD (Coyle)

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