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What is the upstream middle water in the forex market?

Before going to forex trading principles for success. I would like to present a view on the upstream and downstream theories. I think that although it is not very useful right now, in the long run, this concept has created a better view on the change in the income base.

This theory looks at The flow of money. It is divided into 3 parts together.

4.1 Upstream, Origin or Financial Origin

4.2 Central Water of the Financial Cycle

4.3 The last section of the financial cycle.


In the forex market we are divided as follows.

4.1 Upstream, origin or financial origins include brokers.

4.2 Mid-central waters of the financial cycle include IB affiliates or those who do business as partners with forex.

4.3 The last section of the financial cycle. Traders


If we can split the financial route. Who are you? We will answer that. What should we focus on? So we can make the most money. Although the trader is downstream. But it does not make much money in this capital market.


5. Principles of forex trading .

The forex trading principle is successful, there are three principles are included.


5.1 Choosing the Right Indicator

5.2 Choosing the Right Money Management

5.3 Having good psychology


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